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Investing in gold bullion - austrian philharmonic gold coin

Investing in gold bullion

The Golden Vienna Philharmonic belongs to the elite group of gold coins. Issued in euro currency. Bits of 24 carat gold of the highest 9999 gold in the legendary Austrian Mint. The foundation of the collection of savoury investor coins.

The Golden Vienna Philharmonic is an investment coin combining investment potential of gold, sophistication and 160 years of Viennese Philharmonic tradition. Europe's only golden bullion coin regularly minted in euro.

The Golden Vienna Philharmonic  is a popular leader in Europe - a guarantee of high liquidity and well-invested capital.

Specification of the coin Golden Vienna Philharmonic

Weight: 1 ounce (31.1035 grams)
Genuine gold content of the coin: 1 ounce (31,1035 grams)
Gold sample: Au 999,9
Mint: The Austrian Mint
Country of origin: Austria
Diameter/ Thickness of the coin: 37 / 2 mm

It is a trustworthy and recognizable gold coin with the status of legal tender in Austria. The famous Austrian Mint is responsible for its precise workmanship and excellent quality.

The coin can be easily sold and bought all over the world - a result of its high recognition.

Presentation The Golden Vienna Philharmonic

The front of the main instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic are on display. The central part of the coin features a double bass, cello, violin, bassoon, harp and Viennese horn. WIENER PHILHARHARMONMONIKER is inscription at the top of the reverse.

The reverse presents the legendary authorities of the Vienna Philharmonic, information on the denomination of the coin (in Euro), its weight and date of issue. At the top of the obverse is the inscription of the REPUBLIC OF THE OESTERRIES.

Legend of the Golden Vienna Philharmonic's 

The Golden Vienna Philharmonic is a coin issued since 1989. The renowned Austrian Mint is responsible for the perfect workmanship of the coin. The Golden Vienna Philharmonic owes its name to the Viennese Philharmonic, which is one of the world's leading international philharmonic companies.

The coin's appearance refers to the musical tradition of Vienna and the legendary Philharmonic Hall.

Why is it worth investing in these coins?

Austrian Mint's golden broth coins are known for the most precise production process in the world, which outweighs coins produced in other mints.


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