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Investing in gold bullion - american golden eagle

Investing in gold bullion

American Golden Eagle - the most popular bouillon coin in the USA

The American Golden Eagle is a sophisticated and recognizable bullion coin in every corner of the world. Beautiful design and impeccable purity of bullion ensures great interest among investors. The highest quality is guaranteed by the United States Congress.

The American Golden Eagle is the most popular bouillon coin in the USA, which significantly facilitates achieving an attractive price when selling it.

The high acceptability and recognisability of the coin makes it easily marketable for any gold merchant in the world.

Coin bits of genuine 22 carat gold with a silver and copper admixture for high scratch resistance.

American Eagles are known for their perfect quality, they are a guarantee of investment accuracy and successful diversification of the investment portfolio.

The coin's excellent liquidity around the globe means that it is accepted in all investment markets.

Specification of the coin:

Weight: 33,93 grams
Genuine gold content of the coin: 1 ounce
Gold sample: Au 916,6
Mint: US Mint
Country of origin: USA
Coin skirt/ Thickness: 32,7 / 2,87 mm

Presentation of the golden coin

The obverse of the American Golden Eagle is decorated with a pattern designed by the legendary Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The pattern depicts a woman with a torch and olive branch, which symbolises freedom (Liberty). In the background you can see the rising sun and the Capitol building floating above it.

The reverse of the coin was designed by the sculptor Miley Busiek. It shows an eagle in a nest, which identifies itself with liberation, independence and peace.

The legend of the American Golden Eagle

Launched in 1798, the issue of the American Golden Eagle was withheld 135 years later due to the shocking devaluation of the dollar against gold. The issue was reissued back in 1986. The coin is beating in the legendary US State Mint.

The coin is produced using 22 carat gold with an admixture of silver and copper alloys (consisting of 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper, with a total weight of 33.930 grams).

The American Golden Eagle stands out for its beautiful design, making it the most beautiful coin in the United States.

These coins are legal tender for the repayment of public and private debts in the USA. Their market value depends on their weight and market price. The denomination is shown on the coin for indicative purposes and is proportional to its weight.

1 ounce coins have the largest denomination - 50 dollars. 1/2 ounce coins have a face value of $25. A coin with 1/4 ounce of gold has a face value of $10. The smallest coin with 1/10 ounce of gold has a face value of 5 dollars.

Sensational reports on the American Golden Eagle

The United States Government declares that the gold used to produce coins must come exclusively from deposits mined in the United States. This ensures the highest quality of execution for the American Golden Eagle and makes the investment in this official coin a perfect and safe investment of capital.


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