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Investing in gold and silver coins - polish coins

Investing in gold and silver coins

Polish circulation and collector coins, both now and in the past, are widely acclaimed all over the world for their unique beauty, interesting subject matter and technological advancement.

Repeated awards and distinctions received at the world's largest numismatic fairs and exhibitions have strengthened the image of the Mint of Poland as a solid and modern company. The silver and gold collector coins and the Nordic Gold alloy two  coins are also an excellent form of investment.

The fact that you can earn money on coins is probably known to anyone who spent long hours in queue under the branch of the National Bank of Poland waiting to buy a coin, which often already on the day of issue gained a few dozen percent on the value. Even greater profit is achieved by selling the coin after some time. The price of many of them increased by several hundred or even several thousand percent in just a few years after the issue.

For example, the silver coin The Amber Route with a face value of PLN 20, issued in 2001 for the price of PLN 57 already in 2007 cost PLN 3000. The record, however, belongs to the two gold circulating currency of 1996, depicting King Sigismund II Augustus.

On Internet auctions, this coin often reached the price of PLN 900, which is 350 times its nominal value. Such a percentage return rate is not guaranteed, and even cannot be achieved, by any deposits or investment funds. Of course, not every coin issued by the National Bank of Poland has gained so much in value, but even a rate of return of several per cent per year is very attractive.

Coins of world animals

The Polish numismatists, collectors and investors are particularly appreciated by a series of animals from all over the world. Silver coins depicting endangered animal species are excellent investments and guarantee a high rate of return. One coin from this series is published every year. However, the numismatic market is characterised by weaker and better periods.

The current crisis and a significant increase in spending by the National Bank of Poland contributed to a slowdown in the growth of the value of Polish collector coins. Fortunately, the National Bank of Poland noticed that due to the increase in spending, interest in numismatics decreased and it began to reduce it.

However, the crisis has meant that many investors have decided not to wait and sell large amounts of coins in bulk, because they are low prices, sometimes equal to the issue price. However, any crisis must therefore end with a renewed, dynamic increase in the price of Polish collector coins is only a matter of time. The present Besssa in the numismatic market creates excellent conditions for people who just want to invest in numismatics.

They can now be bought at very bargain prices. The prices of collector and circulation coins are significantly influenced by professional numismatic catalogues such as Fischer or Parchimowicz.

In the current and last year, these catalogues showed a reduced value in relation to previous years, which significantly affected the numismatic market, mainly because many investors were scared off. The catalogue price was mainly influenced by the global crisis and not by interest in numismatics. In order to invest in coins, however, one must have basic numismatic knowledge.

Experience and knowledge can be gained by browsing through various pages related to Polish numismatics, taking part in numismatic forums, where you can find out what is worth investing your money and what to avoid.


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