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Best way to invest your money

What should you invest money in?

The market offers many products that should secure the future of your or your loved ones. These are various types of investments: deposits, stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance policies, etc.

If you take a closer look at all these products, they are not all very confident in today's times and are endangered by risks.

What should I invest in?

Gold and silver have been the only assets that have never failed for centuries. They are tangible assets that have value in themselves and their purchasing power will never decrease. They are entirely private and may not be part of the financial system.

What about real estate investment?

Even real estate properties require a financial system to transfer ownership. You are never really the owner of a property: if you think you are a mistake. Try not to pay real estate tax for a few years.

Do gold and silver never fail?

Gold and silver is one of the few financial assets that are not liabilities for someone else. Shares, bonds, term deposits and fixed-term deposits require the action of an issuer or counterparty. Money also requires action by the government, which issues it in order to have value.

Our paper money has no real value, but only serves governments and banks to create a soap bubble that can burst at any time.

Gold and silver never fail.

What are the advantages of investing in gold and silver?

First of all, they are entirely yours. They are secure investments whose value is increasing in times of economic unrest, crisis, war, terrorism and natural disasters.

They worked well in the past during inflation or deflation.

Every ounce of gold or silver has the same value. Even a small amount of gold and silver provides considerable purchasing power. In addition, they have a small difference between the purchase and selling price (spread). Unlike diamonds or collector coins, which may involve a 15 or 100% spread. These products also require expert advice to assess their value.

So is it worth investing in gold and silver?

Of course, it is nowadays our safest investment and also a wise and thoughtful gift e. g. for baptism, birthday or another occasion.


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