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Where to invest in gold

Where and how to invest in gold?

In gold you can invest in many different ways.

In gold you can invest simply in a physical way by buying coins and ingots. The biggest problem in this type of investment is storage and liquidity. As a complement to this type of investment, it is a good idea to invest in financial markets and make a profit at rising gold prices, here we have a lot of proposals that can all be made on a brokerage account on the DIF Freedom platform.

Let's start with an investment without the use of leverage, that is, where without risking too much risk we can keep the investment for a very long time.

Shares gold mine 

We buy shares of companies that are gold mines. If gold prices continue to rise, they will also benefit from the gold mine. On the DIF Freedom platform we have access to all the major stock exchanges in the world.

In the menu at the top of the platform select Transactional Trades and then Instrument Explorer. You enter "gold" and receive the results.

In the Green Equity tab AKCE we have listed individual stock exchanges. By clicking on the selected stock exchange, we get a list of shares related to gold. Once we have selected shares, right-click and select Action Orders.

When we have a real-time subscriptions, for example, for the NYSE, it costs US $ 1 per month, then the violet buttons become green and clicking on can quickly place an order. If we do not have real time prices, we place a pending order.

We choose the quantity, the price and the validity of the order. It can also be an instant order when we enter `` at market price``. For a hundred shares Barrick Gold is a commission of $ 15.

The commission is collected at the purchase and when closing position, when selling. For 500 shares also the commission is $ 15. The commission is calculated as follows, it is 2 prices per share - there is a minimum commission of $ 15.

After the executed order we see our shares on the account. We can place a stop loss and take profit (LIMIT) order for this investment. Stop loss - This is an automated order that will be executed when our share price falls to a predetermined level.

This is a stop for losses. Take profit (LIMIT) - is an automatic order that will be executed when the specified level of risk is reached.

If executed, at least one transaction per year, or an investment is maintained, there is no account maintenance fee.

Investing in gold for Forex

Even more aggressive, more risky investing in gold, is investing in the Forex market. On the Forex currency market there are many currency pairs with gold where we can invest with a leverage of 1 to 50. So we have transactions 50 times larger than a locked deposit in your account.

Gold futures contracts

In the Instrument Extruder on the DIF Freedom platform we enter gold. Under Futures contracts click on COMEX. It appears on the list of available gold futures.

By clicking on the right contract, right-click and open the transaction window.

One futures contract is of a nominal value of $ 125,520.00. To open such position in the account must be minimum $ 5,090.00. Cost is $ 8. Please note that the futures contract has a maturity date. Futures contracts are available about two years ahead.


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