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Investing in hotel apartments

Investing in apartments and hotel rooms

At a time when interest rates on bank deposits are very low, while investing in the equity market is risky enough, investors look for ways to make a fair and secure return.

Is this possible? How to achieve a satisfactory return on investment while at the same time being confident of profit both in the near and long term?

A new and profitable proposition, proven is an investment consisting in buying an apartment or hotel room and collecting a rent consisting of a fixed fee and a share in profits.

What is investing in apartments and hotel rooms?

The investment in apartments and hotel rooms resembles a fashionable investment in holiday apartments some time ago, except that business hotels are not so dependent on the holiday season, especially those that serve corporate guests. Thus, the profitability of investments in apartments and hotel rooms is higher and less dependent on fashion and prosperity.

Safe profit of 6-8%. it may not have an immediate effect on your imagination, but if you compare it with the return on deposits, which are half as small and taxed. What is more, the better the economic situation, the higher the profit.

The investment looks like this: in a specific hotel we buy the selected apartment or room (with a land and mortgage register), and then we receive monthly payments resulting from our participation. Importantly, the hotel manager takes care of the whole service.

This is certainly a big advantage of this type of investment in comparison with the rental of flats or houses. We do not have to be interested in finding customers, taking care of the technical condition of the property, keeping accounts and all other necessary procedures.

Is it worth investing in apartments and hotel rooms?

If you are considering investing your free funds in a property, the aparthotel is an attractive solution that guarantees good profits (unless you bet on an object in a bad location or one-season type, it works only during the summer period), it is worth to think about what you are most interested in.

When it comes only to increasing capital, condohotel will be better. However, if we are going to treat the investment as a "secondary home" or a child's future security, the aparthotel will work better.


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