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Investing in gold bars

Gold bars investing

Gold bars are generally (slightly) cheaper than coinage of the same weight, but less standardised.

The vast majority of the world market for gold coins are only a few types, whereas gold bars are produced in countless types of different shapes and dimensions by various manufacturers, which may affect their liquidity.

However, if the gold bars is certified and comes from a respected mintmark or is purchased from a completely reliable source, it will be as good as the corresponding local coin.

It is also easier for staffs to counterfeit coins, but when they buy certified products from a dealer, it doesn't matter. However, it may be important that the gold bars have serial numbers, which on the one hand increases their authenticity and security of trading, but on the other hand reduces the anonymity of transactions, which may be an advantage in case of a possible ban on gold.

It can also be added that coins have a higher aesthetic value, although gold investors should pay attention only to the content of bullion.

What is the weight of gold bars?

Manufactured gold bars with the whole weight spectrum. Gold bars for retail investors range from 1 to 1000 grams.

Which of them should you choose?  

The basic dependency is that the greater the weight, the cheaper the weight of a gold bars is calculated  per unit weight.

Which is mainly due to the fact that the mint costs are not proportional to the weight of gold bars. On the other hand, the heavier our investment, the more difficult it may be to sell (especially gold bars over 100 grams).

Besides, we do not always want to dispose of such a large part of our assets straight away. Lighter gold bars have the advantage that they allow us to reduce our wallet in any small steps.

For this reason, it is worth recommending, first of all, 1 ounce bars, which are the most popular investments in physical gold with acceptable margins.

And in most cases, they should be the backbone of the investment, and their completion - if we plan to gradually liquidate the bullion we own - can be of lighter value: from 5 grams in the case of gold bars.

Of course, the optimal gold structure depends on the size of the investment portfolio - wealthier investors may consider buying heavier gold bars (but preferably only up to 100 grams).

What type of gold bars?

It is best to buy products that are recognized all over the world.  You must only purchase products from a world-renowned Mint accredited by the London Bullion Market Association. The most renowned producers are PAMP Suisse, Umicore, Credit Suisse, Argor Heraeus SA, Perth Mint and Johnson Matthey.


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