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Investing in gold and silver coins

Gold and silver coins investing

Broth coinss are gold and silver coins issued for investment purposes. They are worth as much as the bullion they are made of at any given moment.

The most popular gold broth coins are: 

1. Krugerrand (South Africa)
2. American Golden Runner
3. Canadian Klon leaf
4. Australian Kangurian
5. Vienna Philharmonic
4. Australian Kangurian
5. Vienna Philharmonic
6. Chinese Panda

Price of golden bullion coins

The price of the golden broth coinss  coin is closely related to the bullion they contain, most often it is one ounce. The full characteristics of these coins (weight, dimensions, face and reverse description) can be found in the coin catalogues available in every corner of the globe.

These data are also available from each precious metal dealer. This makes it possible for every gold market participant to know them well and can check their data and authenticity at any time. This translates into huge popularity of broth coin, their acceptance in trade and trust in the value presented by them.

Investment coins often do not have a denomination, because their current value depends on the price of their gold.   These broth coins, which have a denomination, are issued as fully-fledged money by the state mints under the monetary laws of the country in force.

Such coins shall bear the denomination for indicative purposes and their value, as in the case of other broth coins, shall be strictly dependent on the price of the gold they contain. The denomination is therefore usually much lower than the actual value of such a coin.

How to calculate the value of gold broth coins?

The price of gold bullion coins in the currency of the country is calculated as follows:

[exchange rate of gold in USD] x [exchange rate of USD / currency of the country]

The price of the gold coin thus calculated must be supplemented by the cost of moulding and minting in the mint and the dealer's margins.   The result is the final price of the golden broth coin.


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