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Buying land as investment

Land as an investment

Investing in land is still one of the best ways to invest money, though not as popular as it was some time ago. The economic crisis covers every investment sector, including real estate.

If you decide to invest in the land, it is best to buy agricultural plots because they are the cheapest, but it is important to remember whether they can be converted into a building plot in the future.

Only the building plot will find the buyer in a private person, or a construction company, a developer. Therefore, before buying a given plot of land, it is necessary to check what is its spatial development plan, what can be built on it.

There is a group of land that cannot be converted immediately after purchase. This process may take years, so you can't count on a quick profit.

The purchase of construction land makes this land attractive for the future buyer, but for us as sellers will not yield as much profit as the land converted from agricultural land to construction land can yield.

What land for investment?

The best is agricultural parcels with the possibility of transformation into building plots, which are located in close proximity to the city, because such plots of land on the periphery are sought by investors. The real treat is the plots located in the city, on popular housing estates of single-family houses.

You have to be lucky enough to get to such a plot of land and buy it at a good price. Such a place will pay off very quickly because it is the best chance for a good investment.


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