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Best whisky to invest in

Investing in whisky

Investment in whisky bottles

Whisky is not off dedicated to collectors and fans of its taste, nowadays it is an excellent opportunity to invest and diversify your portfolio for smaller or larger investors.

You can earn money on carefully selected whisky bottles. However, due to the fact that it is a huge market, only a small part of the bottles with gold liquor has investment value.

These are primarily collector's bottles of the old Scottish single malt whisky. In order to make a profit, you have to choose rare editions of bottles, which are more and more difficult to access.

The auction market for whiskey bottles is estimated at over £7 million, which makes the liquidity of such purchases rather limited. Investors are most willing to buy bottles of at least 30 years old, which for some time have been the fastest growing value.

However, their number is relatively small, as good, old age groups are getting smaller.  Over two years, the price increase has also been seen in the case of premium blended whisky.

10 best Scottish brands of whisky

2Port Ellen
8Glene Royal
9Highland Park

Investing in bottles of whisky is becoming more and more popular. Currently, Scottish brands such as Macallan, Dalmore, Bowmore, Brory, Glenfarclas, Port Ellen and Karuizawa in Japan are the biggest profit. According to the data of Whisky Highland from the IGS 1000 index, which tracks the prices of a thousand bottles with the highest investment potential, they have increased by 160% over the last 5 years.

Investments in barrels of whisky

The consumption of whisky is steadily increasing worldwide. Until recently, the blended whisky were mostly popular, but more and more investors are gradually spending more money on the purchase of single malt for both consumption and investment purposes.

A new offer was launched on the alternative products market - an investment in whisky barrels. The whiskies in barrel gains in value as an ingredient for the production of blended whisky or rare editions of single cask bottles.

Casks of whisky can be bought through companies specialising in alcohol investments. Stilnovisti, as one of a few companies in the world, offers customers this form of fundraising.

Whiskies from one barrel are called single cask.  Bottled whiskies made of a single barrel are not diluted and can vary in power by up to 60%. The value of whisky barrels also increases the use of their contents for the production of rare collector bottles, in the circulation of not more than several hundred pieces.

The most popular barrels hold 195-250 litres of alcohol. The investment potential can be assessed by comparing the prices of barrels for subsequent stages of ageing. According to brokerage statistics, each year each year each year brought investors in whisky barrels from a few to several tens of percent increase in transaction value.

Purchases of barrels of whisky are characterized by a high potential (increase in value), as the investor earns money from the unavailability of full barrels on the broker market.

In addition, consumption of whisky is growing steadily worldwide. Even if the upward trend were to stop, the fact that the whiskey itself is aging in the barrel is still significant.

Single malt whiskies are of the highest quality. A blended whisky is created on its basis. It is a product targeted at mass customers, which ensures liquidity investment. Whisky blended according to British regulations must contain a minimum of 15% single malt.

Demand for whisky barrels is generated mainly by producers of popular blended whisky such as Johnnnie Walker, Ballantine's and Chivas Regal.

On the whisky market we observe shortages of barrels, which can be used to produce blends. As a result, the prices of those containing consumer whisky (priceless, single malt over several years) are growing very dynamically.

Recently, there has been a significant deficit of barrels, especially those over 5 years of seniority. Consequently, the prices of these barrels are steadily increasing. It is worth noting that standard-size whiskey barrels are capable of delivering over 300 bottles with a power output of over 60% and almost 500 bottles with a power of 40 or 43%.

This means, in the case of freshly flooded barrels, approximately 5 pounds per bottle, when
when the prices of similar bottles of several years old maltes are between 35-50 pounds.

Stilnovisti focuses on buying barrels for the customer, arranging for storage and insurance for a certain period of time, and then reselling them in Scotland.

We recommend placing funds in barrels of whiskey, especially those who are interested in diversification of the investment portfolio and securing it with physical goods. However, the greatest benefits will be gained by people who are keen on long-term investment, because the prices of a few dozen-year-old barrels often reach the level of £100,000 and sometimes exceed the level of £500,000.


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