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Best jewelry investment

Jewelry investment

Investing in jewellery is something for experts.  the valuation of such an investment shall be extremely complex and often subjective. Sometimes, however, we can find jewellery in the attic or inherit from our ancestors.

How to assess the value of jewellery for investments?

First of all, it is necessary to identify the bullion. Not all gold that shines, fortunately on the jewellery from the tombac is knocked out a characteristic mark of met. It is much more difficult to determine the sample, i. e. the content of gold in the alloy used for jewellery production.

If you do not find the markings anywhere on the product, you can rely on a specialist's evaluation. studies should be conducted independently by at least two experts.

Difficulties may also be caused by distinguishing white gold from other bullion. White gold is an alloy of gold (usually about 50%) with nickel or other metals. It is usually covered with a layer of rhodium and looks confusingly similar to silver. However, it is difficult to distinguish them, white gold does not smudge, but in places where the rhodium has worn out, it is slightly yellowish in colour.

Silver jewellery is likely to be covered with a dark layer of snow. Many silver polishes are available on the market.  This is a tedious and dirty job, but it allows the bullion to regain its original brilliance (as well as old silver cutlery). If the jewellery is made of other metals, it may have at most a subjective artistic or sentimental value.

An important element of jewellery are precious stones. It is not easy to value them. Stone identification alone can be problematic, because the wrong eye will not notice the differences between diamonds and zirconia at the beginning.

In contrast to gold, the value of stone does not depend only on the weight. Larger jewels are more expensive per carat mass because they occur much less frequently. The sanding of stone by the jeweller is also important.

Is it worth investing in jewellery?

Investment in jewellery is a very risky game for connoisseurs. However, this form of approach offers some practical benefits.  Finally, the golden necklace does not lose its value on the sleek women's neck.  On the contrary.


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