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Investing Robert Kiyosaki

What is Robert Kiyosaki's investment?

According to Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Father) most financial experts want to reassure us that investing is risky.

In his opinion, investing is not risky. It is risky to not develop financial intelligence (knowledge).

Two types of investors according to Robert Kiyosaki

There are two types of investors. The first includes those who count revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities. Most people can not read financial charts and have no idea about the rules (this is what CASHFLOW teaches - these basic principles). We have CASHFLOW 101 and CASHFLOW 202 or so-called technical investment).

As you know, markets are going up and down. Up and down. The average person thinks that investing is risky, because prices are rising, and then losing everything, rising again, and then going down again.

Investing professionally, whether it is fundamental, whether it is technical ...

Investing professionally, whether fundamental or technical (CASHFLOW 101 or CASHFLOW 202) requires insurance. Yes, from another barrel, it is well known that you can not drive a car if you do not have insurance. Without insurance we will not get a mortgage.

And yet the average person invests his or her capital in shares or funds and has no insurance. This is precisely that risk. If we are serious about investing and want to be a professional investor then we need to know that the market once goes up and down once, but when it goes up, we buy the policy in case the prices go down.

Investing is not risky ...

Kiyosaki is concerned that investing is not risky. The risk is to accept advice from someone who does not know what he is talking about, or from someone who can not insure a transaction.

Buying shares or funds without insurance is a real risk. Like driving without OC. Investing is not risky - the most risky is to neglect your own financial education and then accepting advice from people who also believe that investing is risky.


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