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Investing in watches

Watches what investment

In times when everyone has at least one mobile phone, the watch is no longer the only device on which to check the current time. But it turns out that it does not disappear from our hands.

It just changes its function.

What is our watch now?

For some it is a way to show your status, or that they are fashionable, others treat it as jewelry, and for others it is an investment. How it's possible? Can watches be the same as flats or works of art to value? It turns out that yes.

Of course, it is very special watches, which sometimes cost even tens of thousands of USD. You can collect both men's watches and women's watches.

Watches for collectors

The most desirable watches, by each collector, are special and limited editions. The watchmaking companies most often make such models for the anniversary of their existence, and often for celebrating the anniversary of an important event.

This was the case, for example, at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of landing man on the moon. On this occasion Omega has released a special limited edition edition of Speedmaster watches that accompanied the first space flight.

The most sought after and most expensive watches are the ones that are produced the least. Limited editions of famous brands, whose circulation is several dozen or a few hundred are the most sought after collectors copies. In a few years the prices of these watches may even double.

This is why this watch is a great investment that you can boast from time to time to a sumptuous party. The best thing to do, however, is to be careful because damage to such a unique watch is really a huge loss. Therefore, it is very rare for someone to wear such watches every day.

Invest in watches

As you can see you can invest not only in real estate, antiques and works of art. The investment may also seem like a prosaic item like a watch. Of course, to invest in watches and get the money out of it you need to get to know the market very well and have a sense of which of them can significantly increase their value in a short time.


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