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How to play the Forex market - Forex platform

How to play the Forex market?

How to choose a forex platform?

The forex platform is a tool by which we can buy currency without leaving home, in front of the computer monitor screen. Individual brokers are out competing for customers.

There are some who offer free money to invest at start-up, others provide applications for smartphones, tablets, and free training so that we can get to know the secrets of technical and fundamental analysis.

When choosing a forex brokers, the future user should be familiar with its use, interface and whether the forex broker is supervised by the appropriate financial institution.

Brokers provide information on where they are registered, where the company is located and licensing information. Always before you set up a real account on a given platform, you should check out this information and look for other people who use the services of a particular broker.

What spreads offers Forex broker?

Choosing the Forex platform is also a good idea to know what spreedy offers a broker. The smaller the spreed, the better and easier it will be to earn us on each transaction.

The amount of spreed depends mainly on the degree of liquidity of the market. The amount of sprays applicable to a particular broker can be found on the platform's website.

We distinguish two types of spreads:

  • fixed spread - does not change is always the same
  • variable spread - price forks vary according to market conditions. At the time when the liquidity is highest, the fork decreases.

Depending on what kind of investor we are we can decide on another spreed. Longer-term investors will be better off, and for short-term investors taking action while the market liquidity is the biggest one will be the broker offering variable spreed.


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