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Forex trading strategy that works

Forex trading strategy

This article will make it easy for you to take the first steps in the Forex market, that is to consider how to start your Forex trading course is not all!

To become a trader you do not have to sign up for the Forex course at all. At the beginning, you will certainly not need it, because in the Internet age, a lot of information can be found in e-books or other online treasures of knowledge.

To succeed in the market, you must limit the impact of external factors on your investment decisions and actions. An investor is only effective when he knows exactly what position he wants to take and what behavior model is appropriate for the situation.

There is no substitute for this "magic indicator" or "intuitive strategies" that are often praised by marketers and people who organize certain Forex courses. These elements are difficult to test thoroughly (they are unpredictable) and are generally too susceptible to external factors.

Forex trading strategy

The best way out of this situation is to create a Forex trading strategy where the decision making process is completely automated, because when we do not have a strictly working method, we are doomed to failure.

In the following article I will give you some advice that you will definitely use when creating your own system.

The investment strategy itself is just a set of rules, patterns and models of behavior associated with specific situations. The complement that causes all the factors to bind one another is the investor who uses the system.

Contrary to appearances you do not have to participate in many complicated training courses and you will not get any Forex odds. Investment strategy is the basis. Only later can you broaden your knowledge of the courses. At the beginning it is enough to create a simple system, to test it and then to act consistently and not deviate from its rules.

How to start building a Firex transaction strategy?

Before you start building your trading strategy, you must answer key questions such as:

- What is your investment horizon?

- What is the amount of capital you have and the level of SL orders that you are willing to pay in one transaction? It should not be more than 3% of the capital you invest in.

You need to prepare for a collision with reality. I do not promise you immediate profits because we are not talking about the golden middle here, nor the magic indicators. There is no ideal transactional system, even in the best losses occur, and often even several in a row.

These losses can not lead to the closure of your brokerage account, so you will need to take into account the average drowdown within the time interval you play so as not to cause you to be prematurely thrown out of the market, In a time perspective, the market has been steady in line with your expectations. On each time interval, market volatility is different.

Another thing you have to think about is how much time you are able to spend a day in the market. Remember that answering these questions will be the foundation of your investment strategy, so it's important to be realistic and accurate since the system to function properly will require you to devote exactly that amount of time. If you have a small amount of time, I recommend using the so-called. Strategy of selective presence on the market.

Remember! The best Forex course for new traders is personal gaining experience.


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