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Forex scalping strategy

Forex Scalping - what is it?

Information on what it is scalping on Forex. Who can be a forex trader on the forex market, what time intervals are used for trading in scalping systems ...

What is Forex Scalping?

Scalping is the art of using great leverage to open up a great deal of very short transaction time. Typically, a goal is 1 to 5 pips per transaction. This type of transaction is particularly suited to traders who minimize the risk of currency trading due to the very short exposure time - compared to traditional systems. Disciplined and stable working Scalper can double or triple your account spending only part of your professional time on the market as a trader.

Who can be a trader doing Forex Scalping?

In my opinion (based on own experience) scalping can be handled by almost all traders, regardless of their experience. Of course, the most important condition for practicing this type of trade is the absolute use of losses.

At the same time I have to point out that many positions on Forex states that scalability is intended for those who already have the right "trainee" to trade on the Forex market. It is primarily related to determining the appropriate entry / exit times from the market. But if it is a "grasping" system, it wonders whether it is so important.

For example, can a beginner entrepreneur who is able to identify a trend such as several hours can not open a transaction for several ceilings according to him? Of course it's not that easy and you can quickly clean up your account, but it's about the risk of forem, not just scalability.

What time intervals are used for Forex Scalping?

Scalding is based on very short-term trading. The vast majority of Scalpers use 1 minute charts. Very good and experienced traders to open the transaction use the 5 min chart, but it requires a great deal of technical analysis knowledge and stick to a specific investment strategy.

Charts of 15 min are even more demanding tool. For truly super-trained people in the FX trading market. At the same time, I would like to draw the attention to the fact that even using 1 minute chart openings is worth watching the other major charts. An example of this may be my principle of opening a transaction. I observe charts of 3 h, 1h, 5min and 1min. I compare trends and seek open positions only when all intervals observe the same movement, ie:

3h - buy, 1h - buy, 5min - purchase; In this situation, I am waiting to open the 1 minute chart also buy.

Identical is if I want to enter into a sale deal.


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