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Buying wine as an investment

Investing in wine

At present, investment is most often understood as securities, real estate or gold. In the recent economic crisis both the value of real estate and securities has fallen drastically, leading not one institution or person to bankruptcy.

Wine as an investment ...

Wine banking is one form of alternative investment. This is based on the actual purchase of the best brokers broker classes. The only items in this market are those that have been included in the Premier Cru. It was introduced in 1855 by Napoleon III and imposed significant quantitative limits on the production of wines in France.

Purchased wine is stored in special warehouses specifically for this purpose. The companies concerned give us the guarantee that the wine is stored under the right conditions, and consequently, it does not lose its value. Great profits can bring us not only top-quality liquors, but also second and third wines included in the classification.

For example, the value of the second Carruades de Lafite wine from Chateau Lafite over the past four years has increased by around 840%. The most desirable wines of both first and second category are those from the French region of Bordeaux, known and appreciated worldwide for the production of quality wines. Critics of the 1988, 2009, and 2010 criticized one of the most unique years.

When investing in wine we buy physical and tangible goods. The increase in its value is due to the fact that the production of the best French wines is limited and the demand, lately especially from the Asian markets, is very high. There is no speculation in the stock market or raw materials, as the vast majority of wine traders buy them to drink.

Investors, profit-only buyers, are the margin. As a result, it is an investment that has healthy fundamentals of value growth, and the returns our investors make are about 40 percent on average. Transparency of functioning and lack of speculation on the wine banking market makes investors more and more interested in such way of investing capital.

Investing in stronger liquors

For investors interested in stronger liquors a good investment element can be popular Scottish. Whiskey investment now accounts for about 26% of annual profit. However, unlike wine, where you can get out of the investment even after six months, whiskey has to wait at least three years.

For example, the magnificent annual growth was enjoyed by the bottle of Black Bawmore, the liquor of the oldest distillery in Scotland, which was auctioned for 29.5 thousand. pounds. The 62-year-old The Dalmore, whose value exceeds 30,000, is also highly regarded. Pounds and Glenfiddich 1937 worth 20 thousand. euro.

Currently the top three starts, produced only in three bottles, Dalmore Trinitas worth 100 thousand. pounds. Another place is Macallan 1926 33 thousand. pounds. Then the aforementioned The Dalmore, for which in 2005 the client of one of the British hotels paid 32 thousand. pounds.


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