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Best Forex trading system

Forex trading strategies automated

Forex trading for retail investors is done entirely via the Internet using specially designed applications.

The creators of these applications assume the ability to automate certain activities by their users. Many of them allow complete automation of trade on what this article will be.

What are automated Forex strategies?

For people who have not had contact with Forex, the issue may seem quite enigmatic. Imagine we are shopping at an online store. We need to choose the item that interests us, give us your details, accept the terms and approve the transaction. And what if there was a system that would, for example, in bad weather, order an umbrella or a new coat if we did not have one?

That's how automated strategies are. These are computer programs which, based on the data provided (in our case currency price pairs), make decisions about buying or selling selected instruments.

Where to take automated Forex strategies?

There are many sites devoted to selling automated strategies running within specific applications. If an application shared by our broker is unpopular, but allows you to run an automated strategy, there is a good chance that we'll find private ads on the internet selling those strategies or offering them according to our specifications.

As you can see strategies we can simply buy in the store. However, this involves a high risk. Very often, commercial automated strategies do not work even according to the assumptions described by the seller, not to mention that they are not effective at all.

The guarantee of good results also does not give you the commission to write a strategy based on our own specifications by the hired programmer. Unfortunately, creating a good strategy is not a programming problem. An effective automated strategy is the result of the combination of hard work, experience, statistical knowledge, and many attempts. Therefore, the best solution is to give your money under management by specialists or create such a strategy yourself.

Create your own Forex strategy

Creating a strategy involves the need to write a program in the programming language foreseen by the developers of the transaction platform.

The most popular platform offered by brokerage firms around the world is MetaTrader 4. Platform developers have created their own MQL language and that is what most of the strategies available on the market are doing.

Another very popular language used for writing strategies is Java and C #. Unlike MQL, these are general-purpose languages. This has the advantage that by knowing these languages we will be able to create other programs not related to the Forex game. We must remember, however, that in such a case, learning will take much longer. In the case of MQL we learn only what we will need to play Forex.

Forex Strategies - an occupation for selected ...

As you can see, creating your own strategy is a complex process that requires a lot of work and expertise.

In addition, many cognitive errors are easily overcome that distort the image of the market and effective solutions by dashing us into blind alleys.

Looking for inspiration and ideas for creating your own system, many people are fed up with different theories of gambling. Still others are stubbornly modifying ready-made systems believing they can earn as soon as they add new features.

Unfortunately, as in many areas, also for Forex there is no shortcut, but there is something to fight for. The reward for persevering is access to one of the most fluid leveraged markets, which, with careful consideration, allows us to increase our capital many times.


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