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Apartment for investment

Apartment for investment - what to look for when buying an apartment?

When deciding to buy an apartment, you have to prepare for large expenses and spend a considerable amount of time. In the beginning, you should consider some issues.

First of all we recognize the real estate market and look at the available offers. Offers are available in the press (special supplements), you can search the Internet (classifieds portals, portals of local real estate markets).

You can also visit the newly built housing, usually on the construction site, you can find contact information of sales offices and write down the phone number, address. Then go to the sales office of the developer and we will get detailed information about the investment.

Also worth mentioning are housing fairs (you can get some important information including the most current offers of developers, housing cooperatives, banks and real estate agencies). You can also benefit from professional help from developers. And besides, there are guides and catalogs where you can find information about the possibilities we have when buying an apartment.

You should thoroughly discern the subject: what flat and for what amount we want to buy and only then decide to buy. Make the decision to use the help of people who directly sell, real estate agencies and developers. When you find that the first offer meets your expectations, you can book your apartment, but do not stop there and look further. Of course, the seller will probably ask for a down payment, but it will give you an extra few days to reflect and compare offers.

Worth every step of buying an apartment, use the help of people familiar with the subject, lawyer, as well as advisors. In the beginning, the cost of such help may seem like a lot, but it is a sure way to avoid uncertainty and risk that can cost you a lot more.

Where to buy an apartment? Do we choose primary or secondary market?

We can buy an apartment on the primary or secondary market. The primary market is the new real estate that a developer or cooperative offers. Secondary market, offers apartments that have already been used.

Apartment from the primary market - advantages

When buying an apartment on the primary market - we have the right to warranty. For three years when it comes to the structure of the building (roofs, foundations, walls, ceilings), and for one year for other elements (ie radiators) or finishing elements (tiles, panels, etc.).

We can count on that the apartment of the primary market, is made in modern technology, with safe materials that meet national standards. We will not have problems, for example with internet connection, heating is cheaper, and the standard of apartments, staircases, etc. is much higher than for older dwellings. Buying an apartment in a few dozen-year-old buildings - but you have to rely on renovation.

The new apartment is also a great capital investment for the future, from which we can long reap the benefits.

Apartment on the secondary market

As for the secondary market, it is worthwhile to consult specialists. Choosing a good, and above all credible broker, is not that simple.

When deciding to buy mixing in the aftermarket, we especially remember:

  • Use of the services, only the licensed intermediary (we check the license number, certificate of its delivery, and proof of liability insurance),
  • We do not use brokerage services, where they charge us to accept orders (the broker should not charge fees for making offers and consulting). We pay after the order,
  • To find out whether the agency can help us in obtaining a loan, check the legal status of the property, prepare the content of the preliminary agreement, will serve us professional advice and arrange both the purchase and receipt of housing,
  • Review of the opinion of the market intermediary.

If we decide to find an apartment ourselves, then we will certainly save a lot of money by deciding on the agency, it is important to remember that these are additional costs (compensation for the agent).

What do we pay attention when buying an apartment?

This is quite a lot. It is easier to do when the building is already standing, then the assessment of the physical condition of the property is not difficult. As for the primary market, it's hard to get cash now - most of the time you have to wait around a year and a half for a flat.

However, you can always check at the stage of building the documents and write down the arrangements in the form of a notarial deed (we will secure your interests in this way).

Very important element is the layout of the apartment and its functionality. When the layout of the future apartment will be favorable, it will make it easier for us to decorate the interior according to our preferences.

It is worth considering the number of rooms, whether most of the area will not be the corridors and whether the apartment will have space for closets. We also check that the kitchen is a separate room with a window and to which side the windows of the living room. We can also check whether the apartment is not located in the vicinity of the trash, the condition of the access road to the building is very important.

It is also worth to think about our rest (walking, cycling, greenery). So we check the distance from the nearest park or forest. We find out if there are any service points (pharmacies, shopping centers, cinemas, theaters, restaurants and other places of entertainment). When we have children, it is of course very important that distance from nursery school, kindergarten or school.

When the building in which our apartment is located already stands, it is worth to go to him together with the building inspector. What a professional eye is a professional eye 🙂

When the building is under construction, it is important to remember to ask the developer all the questions that relate to the building.

The development market offers a variety of apartments. These may be flats in a traditional block, but there are also apartments in the apartment, and there are waiting for the residents various amenities (bass, gym). It often happens that they have protection - which limits access to third parties. It is an excellent solution for parents whose children enjoy outdoor activities.

It is also worth noting how many apartments are on the floor and whether we can count on protection. We also check whether additional safety devices and video-interphone can be inserted for security.

We also know about the costs of building maintenance (green fees, green fees, housing administration, building maintenance). We also ask you to pay for the use of elevators, aerials, garbage disposal,

Information about real estate can be found on the internet (there are really many). There are many portals that are rich in practical information and also have discussion forums. In these places people share their experiences and perceptions. However, be careful here, because it is hard to know who is giving advice, so they can often be unreliable.


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